About Us

Introduction – Oasis of Hope

Oasis of Hope is a haven for natural and holistic healing, a sanctuary for energy and harmony. Our philosophy is to help our clients restore health on a deeper level with the help of advanced integrative methods. Advanced integrative methods involve a seamless balance of therapies, including biophysics technology (Bio-Electro Field System), natural healing method and principles of traditional Chinese medicine such as the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth and “Chi”. Our dedicated team of wellness consultants, biophysics technology consultants, naturopathic specialists, nutritionists and dieticians are trained to help our clients manage their health. Individualized programs are designed with the conviction to instill a positive flow of energy back to your system. Come to the oasis where your hope for optimal wellness can become a reality.

Our Program – Oasis of Hope

It is our belief that all health issues manifest physically with symptoms. Whenever the body fails to function at its prime, it is prudent to look for the underlying cause. Occasionally the real reason for causing failure could be missed. A hectic lifestyle, coupled with all sorts of stress-related problems in our daily activities can cause an undesirable effect to our health and may lead to chronic conditions. In addition to seeking relief from prescribed medicine, surgery, supplements and herbs, then it may be time you considered looking deeper. Our body is a self-healing machine when an underlying cause is identified and the right action is taken. Extensive research on chronic diseases form the basis of advanced integrative methods, allowing a combination of therapies to effectively eradicate the ailment, thereby restoring weakened bodily function, and boosting the ability of self-repair in the internal organs for optimal wellness. Hi-tech equipment with cutting-edge technology developed in Germany is used at our centre to identify deep-rooted chronic conditions for individual clients and to promote healing. Bio-Electro Field therapy is an innovative technology approved by the FDA for use in hospitals in the United States. Significant medical evidence and research data rate this advanced therapy to be effective and without side effects. The technology offers a quality alternative to conventional medicine in reducing risks of chronic conditions and promoting health.

Comprehensive Health Assessment & Naturopath Consultations

We are delighted that you have chosen to find out about the Oasis of Hope Centre, where your health and wellness are our top priorities. We offer a holistic approach to health management by using the latest technologies such as Bio-resonance therapy, Bio-electro Field System therapy, and Electro Stream therapy to help you restore your bodily functions to an optimal state. Your initial visit to our centre will begin with a gathering of information regarding your medical history, diets, and lifestyle, followed by a physical assessment using Bicom bio-resonance and Bio-Electro Field System. We will assess you for: Energy pathways (Meridians), Environmental strains, Heavy Metal and Chemical strains,Viral, bacteria and fungal strains, Food intolerance, Chemical additives intolerance, Environmental pollutants intolerance, Spinal problem, Teeth and gum problem, Existing food and supplements compatibility check. After a careful consideration of your conditions, an individualized therapy program will be proposed for you, complete with the nature and reasons for the program, as well as the associated benefits of such program. We are proud to make your Oasis experience as pleasant as a gale of spring, because wellness is priceless.


We are a wellness centre. Our programs are not intended to cure or treat illnesses in the conventional sense nor intended as a substitute for professional medical consultations or services. Our wellness consultants are here to help our clients restore “self-regulation” and their bodies’ ability to heal themselves through our integrative programs offered.