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Oasis of Hope

We are a research-intensive well-being center that offers advanced integrative methods to accelerate health breakthroughs.

We are a leader in Bioresonance therapy in Hong Kong and Asia that offers consistently satisfactory results to improve sub-optimal health.

We are at the forefront of introducing evidence-based Energy Therapies and are committed to helping our clients reclaim their overall wellness to enjoy a better quality of life.

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    Contact us to schedule a health assessment. Our administrators will be more than happy to explain and schedule an appointment for you.

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    Health Checkup

    Attend the initial consultation as scheduled at our Centre. The 60 minutes spent will be an important investment—in understanding your body and achieving long-term health. With the help of state-of-art equipment and modern technology, our team of qualified consultant and technician will conduct a comprehensive health screening to study your unique health profile. At the end of the session, a detailed summary of your health and energy condition will be generated.

    We will assess you for: Energy pathways (Meridians); Environmental strains; Heavy metal and chemical strains; Viral, bacterial and fungal strains; Food intolerance; Chemical additives intolerance; Environmental pollutants intolerance; Spinal problem; Teeth and gum problem; Existing food and supplements compatibility check.

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    Pre-scheduled Program

    Our consultant will review the findings with you and then propose a set of specific therapies to address your existing health conditions as well as to boost your immunity and self-healing power. All associated benefits and realistic expectations will be clearly defined before program begins in subsequent appointments. You are free to decide whether you want to pursue with the program or not.

    This individualized, whole-health program seeks to addresses the root causes of your health issues and, besides recommended treatment, covers recommendations on nutrition, food choice, supplement, lifestyle and exercise.

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    Attend the prescheduled appointments. Discernable results are expected within a specified number of sessions. Ongoing adjustments may be suggested throughout the program based on your reaction to the therapies. It is our goal to help you reap maximum benefits within the shortest amount of time to achieve cost efficiency. We will stop at nothing to bring about the desired improvement to your health and wellness.

    If you could do something to revitalize your overall energy level, why would you want to wait?

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  • Bioresonance

    Bioresonance Therapy (BRT) is an effective method to restore health by restoring harmony in the body. Bioresonance is non-invasive, pain-free, and safe—even for babies, children, and those with hypersensitivity reaction. BRT makes use of bio-physics principles, adopting the physical pathway via electric or electro-magnetic frequencies to help the body to restore self-regulation and correct the root causes of health issues. The body’s immunity is strengthened, thereby opening the doorway for detoxification and ultimately boosting our natural self-healing ability.

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    Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy makes use of low-frequency electronic magnetic fields to recharge the body and heal inflammation at the cellular level. It works by using electromagnetic fields to create pulsing, or moving energy, to relieve pain and muscle injuries. By inducing increased production of ATP within cells, PEMF boosts circulation, oxygenation, hydration and detoxification at the cellular level.

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    Photo Dynamic Therapy involves exposure to a combination of wavelengths of safe, natural light to activate your cells for energy and vitality. The choice of correct wavelengths will energize the mitochondria within cells, triggering circulation, growth and repair, as well as activate the production of nitric oxides, which are vital for cardiovascular health.

    PDT is effective for poor circulation, body recovery, joint pain, inflammation, or poor sleep quality.

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    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a non-invasive procedure whereby you breathe naturally in high concentration oxygen in a pressurized chamber. This allows your lungs to absorb more oxygen than you can normally do under normal air pressure. A higher level of oxygen in the blood will help fight bacteria and stimulates the release of growth factors and stem cells to promote healing. It fastens bounce back from physical exertion and helps boost your energy level and concentration.

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    Wouldn’t you want to find out ahead of time what would or would not work for you before you are prescribed a particular kind of drug or therapy? The RightMed® test offered by OneOme is a pharmacogenomic test (also called a medication response test) that analyzes a person’s DNA to determine how he or she may respond to hundreds of medications. The RightMed® test analyzes more than 27 genes and 300+ medications to help understand one’s responses to common drugs , which may be used to guide a healthcare provider’s prescription decisions and customize therapies based on one’s unique genetic make-up.

    You can now order the RightMed® Test through us and receive the results from the company.

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  • 90+


  • 100+

    published research

  • 30+



  • 90+

    90+ countries

    BICOM are used by doctors, naturopathic practitioners, and alternative therapists in over 90 countries

  • 100+

    100+ published research

    60+ based on PubMed, 30+ based on BicomUK; many more in German or Russian

  • 30+

    30+ years research

    Bio-physics is an evolving area of scientific research that is transforming our understanding of health and disease. Research and publications on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) including BRT, PEMF, PDT and HBOT has increased substantially in the past 30 years.

    (from less than 2000 papers before 1990 to more than 48,000 papers between 1990-2020)


NutriFormula MAX is a once-a-day, all-you-need dietary supplement blend to support general and overall health. It consists of vitamins, minerals and essential co-factors, digestive enzymes and prebiotic fiber, alkalinizing greens and detox blend, fruits nutrients, herbal extracts, essential amino acids, fatty acids and phospholipids. It is supercharged by Fulvic and Humic to maximize absorption and delivery.



World-renowned organizations we work or worked with to collaborate innovation, enhance technologies and accelerate breakthroughs in developing our therapies:


Oasis of Hope, together with its associate Regenerative Medicine Network, always seek to provide quality, high-standard services and products. The company brand “Oasis of Hope BRT” is well recognised not only by our partners, but also by leading bioceutical/research companies worldwide.

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We are a wellness center. Our programs are not intended to cure or treat illnesses in the conventional sense nor intended as a substitute for professional medical consultations or services. Our wellness consultants are here to help our clients restore “self-regulation” and their bodies’ ability to heal themselves through our integrative programs offered.

We are a wellness center. Our programs are not intended to cure or treat illnesses in the conventional sense nor intended as a substitute for professional medical consultations or services. Our wellness consultants are here to help our clients restore “self-regulation” and their bodies’ ability to heal themselves through our integrative programs offered.