Bio Electric Stream Therapy

Electro Stream Therapy

(Micro current bio-frequency generator)

Ever since electricity was discovered, a variety of medical applications were developed in diagnosis and therapy. For long time electricity has been used in pain therapy. Its effect in different intensities, frequencies and modulations on pathogens and on different functions of the human body has repeatedly been examined.

It was more than 70 years ago that Nikola Tesla thoroughly worked on this subject. Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, Dr. Hulda Clark and Dr. A.E. Baklayan – to mention just a couple – have carefully investigated this field and made a number of extraordinary findings.

To be able to understand their discoveries one should know about a discovery made by Dr. Voll in the 50’s. He found out that the measurable electrical skin resistance is lower at acupuncture points than on other places on the skin.

This resistance can change immediately (this change can be measured) if electric, magnetic or other information is brought to the body. This discovery was developed further in many variations so that today we have a large variety of testing procedures similar to electro acupuncture.

These processes, generally characterized as ” bio-energetic testing ” , are practiced by more than 30,000 practitioners, MDs, dentist, naturopaths and even veterinarians.

So, this method is able to measure the change of a vital flow within the human body, caused by external, electric, magnetic or medicinal influences.

Biologist Dr. Hulda Clark, who worked for many years in public research, developed one practical use of this principle. She found out through bio-energetic testing that all living beings and organic substances have a certain bandwidth of frequencies.

To do this, she used a frequency generator, which produces precise electric frequencies, chosen by the tester. With a simple resonance phenomenon she could detect that any organism – e.g. a bacterium – will only go in resonance with a specific set of (mostly adjacent) frequencies, termed the pathogen’s ” bandwidth “.

For example, systematic research resulted in the knowledge that in a certain bacterium the characteristic resonance would begin at 99kHz and stop at 101kHz. Thus, electronic signals within this frequency band yield a resonance that can be measured through the skin.

Every organism sends its own frequencies in a defined bandwidth and level.

The higher developed a life form, the higher are its own frequencies, and the larger is the bandwidth it oscillates.

A further discovery was that microorganisms apparently couldn’t tolerate electric current within their own frequency band, using alternating current of low voltage.

Relatively simple experiments can be done on small living beings like insects or worms that are exposed to very weak current in their own frequency band.

You can watch them either die or become numb and not recover from this treatment.

The next logical step was to find out whether this treatment would work within a human body. This was the hour of birth of treatment with a bio-frequency generator.

The results were overwhelming. Thus, an organism’s band with could not only be used to detect it through a resonance phenomenon, showing the presence of certain viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites, but we are now also able to treat these organisms without harming the human body.

After such a treatment the pathogens in question could not be measured any more for a while.

Now a completely new way of therapy leading to the future was created in conjunction with the frequency generator.

A human organism whose immune system is too weak to get rid of bacteria, fungi or parasites in question, can now successfully be cleaned out with the aid of the frequency generator.

Based on these pioneering findings, a number of bio-energetic practitioners went ahead to find bacterial, parasitic, fungal and viral burdens as well as the pertaining bandwidths and treat the patients accordingly with the function generator.

It was the merit of Dr. Clark to have first expressed the well-founded conjecture that an array of heaviest chronic diseases are linked with different parasitic burdens.

It is known that most parasites go through various stages of development. From the ovum they develop miracidiae, rediae, cercariae, metacercariae and finally full-grown flukes. Other species have different stages of larvae.

The attack by parasites, which is an enormous strain to the organism, was not recognized in clinical tests, as there are uncommon biological mechanisms at work.

First of all these stages of parasite development in the human body were not specifically looked for in biology and clinical tests because according to orthodox biology they take place outside a human being on intermediate hosts such as pets, insects, snails etc.

Secondly, due to the limits of laboratory possibilities, clinical studies have only been interested in massive infestations.

This means that generally parasites are detected only when they occur in the stool, accompanied by vomiting, fever, anemia and so forth.

According to the extensive clinical studies of Dr. A.E.Baklayan – the metabolites of parasites contain a lot of allergens due to a number of foreign proteins and acids. The complete organism is therefore permanently overtaxed in its fight against these substances. Dr. Baklayan was able to prove this in hundreds of tastings.

The attack need not be massive. Just a few parasites or stages of parasites are sufficient to initiate or continuously keep pathological processes going.

The success in body regulation allergies, breathlessness, dizzy, join pain and non-specific problems of digestion (just to name a few) in some cases can be so impressive that it might look like spontaneous healing.

Another important discovery was that very good results could be obtained with a frequency generator working with a positive offset rectangular wave (usually at a frequency of about 30 kHz) instead of a regular sine wave.

This rectangle wave is a current that similarly to battery current goes from a positive voltage to zero and not like mains current in a sine curve from positive to negative voltage. It is a kind of universal therapy that is affects most parasites, bacteria and viruses and fungus.

It seems that this current has a temporary, general suppressing respectively weakening effect on all foreign organisms so that the human immune system can then attack the invaders.

At the same time, an activating and revitalizing effect on the immune system itself is also observed.

An exact explanation for this effect has not been brought forth. Nature does not know such a rectangle wave. It is a completely unnatural oscillation and obviously has a very destructive potential against living foreign organisms.

This experience was the birth of a new treatment concept using a simple device, the bio-frequency-generator called ” Electro Stream Therapy = E.S.T.

The E.S.T. is a universal aid for every kind of illness or disease, including serious chronic diseases. It works extraordinarily well, as we can see from meanwhile thousands of reports of improved conditions.

Experience shows that for most patients, an additional supplement program, mycosis therapy, Bio Electro-field System therapy or other steps, must be taken to get rid of the parasites and pathogens in question for good.

Another possible explanation for the treatment’s success is that perhaps the positive charge of the current detaches the negatively charged bacteria from their electro-magnetic adhesion in the body, so that the immune system can fight them.

This phenomenon is subject to research that is intensively done in the youngest field of university research: biophysics.

It is advisable that a daily application for an extended time is necessary as more pathogens may be released into the body from contamination and contact.

New research and development allows this therapy to not only is effective in killing pathogens but stimulating the various organs and it’s function.

This makes it the perfect complimentary therapy to Bio Electro-field System and other therapy used in Oasis of Hope.

The device is even equipped with a memory card slot for special treatment programs to be loaded at our centers. This feature allows patient’s to continue their treatment at home. It will enhance and improve the overall treatment programs designed specifically for the patient.

The latest E.S.T. device now comes with Harmonious Wave/Frequency-therapy that stimulates and balances our 12 Meridians through a specially modulated frequency and “Grounding” function! These special features allow our body to discharge unwanted “electro magnetic smog” or loads and protects it.



The grounding of static electricity in our bodies is becoming more difficult due to shoes with a rubber sole, isolated floors etc. therefore we can use electricity to discharge overloads and being grounded.

The increase of static electricity plays a negative impact on our daily lives: According to the latest studies, with every meter that we go vertical we get an increase of static electricity of 200 volt. 4 meters per floor are 800 volt (200 times 4). If one lives on the third floor this is already 2400 volt (3×800).

There exist positive and negative electrons. The positive electrons are the bad ones for the body and need to be discharged. The negative electrons are the ones the body needs.

We are like container that that are full of electromagnetic frequencies and we need to be discharged first, in order to be able to receive new information. When the new information comes, the body is needs to be charged with negative electrons by grounding ourselves.

In German it’s called Impuls-Entladungs Therapy and it’s the brainchild of Dr. A.E.Baklayan after many years of research.

Patients that are interested to purchase a “home use” device can contact our staff for more information.