The grounding of static electricity in our bodies is becoming more difficult due to shoes with a rubber sole, isolated floors etc. therefore we can use electricity to discharge overloads and being grounded.

The increase of static electricity plays a negative impact on our daily lives: According to the latest studies, with every meter that we go vertical we get an increase of static electricity of 200 volt. 4 meters per floor are 800 volt (200 times 4). If one lives on the third floor this is already 2400 volt (3×800).

There exist positive and negative electrons. The positive electrons are the bad ones for the body and need to be discharged. The negative electrons are the ones the body needs.

We are like container that that are full of electromagnetic frequencies and we need to be discharged first, in order to be able to receive new information. When the new information comes, the body is needs to be charged with negative electrons by grounding ourselves.

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