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The Eastern District Hospital just expanded their HBOT therapy service!

Great news – The Eastern District Hospital has acquired 2 single-person HBOT chambers to meet growing patients demand!

As reported by RTHK news, the “first in-hospital hyperbaric oxygen therapy centre in Hong Kong located at Pamela Youde Nethersole Hospital in the Eastern District has been in use for more than 4 years. The multi-person treatment chamber in use can only serve twice a day, and the waiting time for hyperbaric oxygen therapy patients is as long as one year. The Eastern District Hospital then introduced two single-person treatment chambers, mainly for the treatment of stable chronic diseases and isolation treatment for patients with infectious diseases.”

When applied as a medical treatment, “hyperbaric oxygen therapy refers to allowing patients to enter a treatment chamber with a pressure higher than normal atmospheric pressure to receive 100% pure oxygen therapy to reduce the air bubbles in the body and increase the partial pressure of oxygen in body tissues, thereby eliminating vascular air bubble blockage, promoting vascular proliferation, and improving white blood cells function, reduce oedema, antibacterial, and promote osteoblast formation.”

Dr. Yan Wing Wa (殷榮華醫生), Consultant Doctor of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Centre, “pointed out that the hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber is most commonly used to treat carbon monoxide poisoning, accounting for 40% of the total use, followed by trauma after radiation therapy, accounting for 19%, and central retinal artery occlusion, commonly known as “eye stroke”, accounts for about 16%.”