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A female patient began suffering from hayfever in 1996. Her eyes itched, watered and were almost swollen shut. In addition, she was suffering from breathing difficulties. She had blotches on her face and her whole body itched. Allergists prescribed her with a cortisone ointment for her eyes and a cortisone spray for her bronchial tubes. The swelling around her eyes decreased using the cortisone ointment but they were still reddened and continued to itch. The cortisone spray provided relief to the bronchial tubes but caused her to be sick about an hour after use. The therapy chosen for the patient was most unsatisfactory and therefore she looked for alternative options. The calcium sprays which use the patient’s own blood, acupuncture, neural therapy and foot reflex zone massages were also largely unsuccessful. By mid-March 2001 the patient had looked up a Bicom therapist. Bioenergetic test findings: a number of pollen and food allergies. The pollen allergies were treated using the Bicom device and by the end of April the pollen therapy was completed. The patient showed no further symptoms and experienced her first allergy-free summer since 1996.

Successive treatment then took place for the remaining allergies. In total she received eleven Bicom treatments. Afterwards she was able to fulfil a dream – get her own dog. For now she was able to take him for walks the whole year round without any problems.


Over a period of 6 long years the 47-year-old patient could not breathe in through her nose. Her nasal mucous membranes were extremely swollen. She could really only breathe through her mouth. Her nose had been “pierced through” again and again and the entrance to her paranasal sinuses exposed. However, this never had any lasting effect. She heard about bioresonance therapy and went to a Bicom therapist who treated her with the corresponding therapy programs stored in the Bicom device. During the therapy the patient was able to breathe in and out again unhindered through her nose. Four years on she still shows no sign of the symptoms after receiving just one Bicom treatment.


The female patient, 20 years old, had been suffering from neurodermatitis from the age of 9 months. Very acute itching. Deterioration over time. Bioenergetic test: wheat allergy, cow’s milk allergy, Candida albicans. Candida therapy through Nystatin, diet and Bicom. Allergy therapy with the aid of the Bicom device. After three months the patient showed no further symptoms and today, 2 years on, is still free from all symptoms.

Ulcerative Colitis

A female patient, 54 years old, became ill with colitis ulcerosa in 1987 with recurring severe flareups: watery bloody stools were passed almost every hour with severe tenesmic pain, nausea, vomiting as well as muscle and joint pain. At least twice a year she received hospital treatment. Long-term therapy followed based on 5ASA, Colifoam and Prednisone.
Half a year prior to the onset of the illness, the patient had had a filling removed. In June 1992 the biophysical allergy diagnosis was: cow’s milk protein allergy, amalgam stress. Bicom therapy: amalgam elimination, allergy therapy. At the beginning of October 1992 the patient was completely cured of all symptoms and to this day there has been no recurrence.

Client’s Name: Natalie – 16 November 2013

1. What conditions were you treated for and how has the care you received at Oasis of Hope BRT improved your life?
  • Skin allergy
  • Find out which food causes allergy (milk), *but surprise to know seafood is ok for me
  • Improved, but not completely cure
2. What aspects of Oasis of Hope would you recommend to a friend of family member who is curious about Oasis of Hope BRT?
Weight loss, told them liver health is important in weight management (It is because liver is responsible for lipid metabolism)

3. What has pleased you most in your course of treatment at our practice?
  • Skin allergy improved
  • Sleep quality is better
  • Bowel movement every day now (in the past, not every day)
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